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Alex a posted May 10, 17

Incredible end to this tier folks, nice to clean this up with a really low pull count and giving us the highest rank we've ever achieved of world 510. 

Everyone really pulled it out of the bag tonight for this kill, super pleased with everything we've done this tier and it's all as a result of everyone's hard work, here's to future successful tiers!

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Grand Magistrix Elisande

Alex a posted Apr 25, 17

Star Augur Etreaus

Alex a posted Apr 6, 17

Great job, only 77 wipes on this boss is truly impressive.

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Alex a posted Mar 23, 17

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High Botanist Tel'arn

Alex a posted Mar 9, 17

Easy one shot.  

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Nat o Can we recreate this please? that would be great tahhhhhhhh