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5/9M Desolate Host down

Pewpew a posted Tue at 15:52

14 pulls pretty impressive, nice job with this! On to Mistress.

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First real boss of the tier down, host to follow soon!

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Skoop Alternative Screenshot :

The easy bosses for the tier down, progress begins!

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Planksteak Can't bark u mejt, jumping atm.
Staricak Fu Plank @ Harjatan! 0.0

Goroth Mythic!

Alex a posted Jul 2, 17

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Alex a posted May 10, 17

Incredible end to this tier folks, nice to clean this up with a really low pull count and giving us the highest rank we've ever achieved of world 510. 

Everyone really pulled it out of the bag tonight for this kill, super pleased with everything we've done this tier and it's all as a result of everyone's hard work, here's to future successful tiers!

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