8/9M Mythic Fallen Avatar

Pewpew a posted Sep 27, 17

Avatar down, just Kil'jaeden left untill we can relax!

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On to Avatar!

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Alex ao When you back Erid? pls come home
Erid Mega grats on the kill, can't wait to get boosted.

Bit of a step up from host with 191 pulls, but a really impressive kill tonight landing us with a world rank 360, makes us really stand out from the competition so everyone should be really proud of this one. Looks like due to holiday and other summer plans interfering we're gonna have a quiet few weeks which seems ideal to keep up farm and prepare for Avatar when everyone is back. 

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5/9M Desolate Host down

Pewpew a posted Jul 18, 17

14 pulls pretty impressive, nice job with this! On to Mistress.

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First real boss of the tier down, host to follow soon!

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Skoop Alternative Screenshot :