9/11M The Coven of Shivarra

Pewpew ao posted Tue at 22:34

Coven dead, easier than vari apparently :thinking:

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8/11M Kin'garoth & Varimathras

Pewpew ao posted Jan 10, 18

Mythic Kin'garoth & Varimathras died last night! Gear your Warlock alts -> On to Coven.

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6/11M Imonar the Soulhunter

Pewpew ao posted Dec 19, 17

So Imonar died and Desired is showing off his transmog skills. GJ lad. inb4 "WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?" I mean your transmog. <3

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Retsu Who is that DK with that level 5 mog? Disgusting.
Pewpew ao And callum doesn't know where the camera is..

Mythic Antoran High Command, Eonar & Hasabel died tonight

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New tier, New soak mechanics.

Skoop ao posted Dec 6, 17

Well, done bois. Full heroic clear and 2 mythic bosses in one night. Looking forward to raiding with yall in this new tier or something motivational like that. 

Alex ao cheers keljin, hope life is good :)
Alex ao we can see that skoop
Skoop ao Photoshop? You think I got photoshop money? I use MS paint.